Aerospace & Defense

  • Prototype Castings
  • Low, Medium or High Volume Investment Casting Production
  • Mitigation of risk • Concept design • Approved design • Full production
  • Tight tolerances, intricate details, thin-walls, superior corrosion resistant surface finish
  • Expert product design assistance • Intricate, complex design requirements
  • Aluminum, copper, beryllium-copper & stainless steel investment castings
  • Consistent product • Ideal strength to weight ratios • Optimized for product speed & agility
  • Efficient, technologically advanced manufacture process
  • Highest industry quality standards
  • Cost effective precision investment casting

Adapted to Complex Military Specifications

Since 1975, AlCuMet has remained a preferred contractor for the United States military, manufacturing aerospace and defense investment castings. We handle and address crucial factors of aerospace and defense investment casting specifications, delivering consistent product, exact tolerances, dimensions and properties. Quality assurance testing throughout prototype production minimizes potential problems with final castings, ensures end products high performance & durability. At AlCuMet, we employ the latest technologies and quality control methods. Our expert engineers and technical specialists stringently monitor and control all phases of production.