Beryllium-Copper & Copper Alloy

“Modern copper castings are frequently used for electrical engineering applications. Due to the electrical conductivity inherent in copper, copper investment castings are ideal for a number of critical industries where electrical transmission is tantamount. AlCuMet provides the aerospace and military industries with high quality, durable, and cost efficient parts and components where durability, quality, and perfection are essential.”
– Russell Wilmarth, AlCuMet CEO, “Innovating Copper Investment Casting

A World Class Leader in Beryllium-Copper & Copper Alloy Investment Casting

New technology • Expert technical teams

Highly skilled engineering specialists • Design assistance

Extensive on-site quality testing • International quality standards: AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015

Nadcap certified secondary processes: Heat treating • Non destructive testing

The Benefits

  • Due to fluidity in the molten state, copper alloy and beryllium-copper yields a fine detailed investment casting
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • High conductivity, both thermal and electrical
  • Good corrosion and oxidation resistance
Copper Base Alloys - Comparison Chart