Stainless Steel

Top stainless steel investment casting foundry utilizing new technology

Highly Skilled Engineering Specialists • Expert Technical Teams • Design Assistance

Extensive on-site quality testing • Compliance with all regulatory agencies

International quality standards, AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015

Nadcap certified secondary processes • Heat Treating • Non Destructive Testing

Stainless steel investment castings undergo a series of inspections throughout the process with each part re-inspected to measure dimensional characteristics ensuring 100% compliance to the original print prior to shipping. No detail is overlooked, from meeting required tolerance standards to a variety of heat treatments to improve physical properties of the investment casting, our highly skilled team delivers product that meets and exceeds specifications.

Stainless Steel Investment Castings Value Added Services

SLA & LOM Rapid Prototype Casting Development • Pattern / Mold Making, (Tool Making)

X-ray Examination / Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection • Heat Treat to Specification

Secondary Machining • Plating, Painting or Coating, Partial or Complete Assembly

Since 1975, AlCuMet has remained the investment casting industry leader providing unparalleled service to a wide range of industries for stainless steel investment castings, assisting clients throughout the process, isolating discrepancies and implementing corrective actions.Our customers range from aerospace, aircraft, defense, communications, medical hardware, optics and energy.

Stainless Steel 300/400 Series Alloys - Comparison Chart

Precipitation Hardened Steel Alloys - Comparison Chart