Turnkey Solutions

AlCuMet has in-house tool making and machining capabilities which result in much faster lead times delivering your parts to you sooner. Steps in the Investment Casting process that are typically outsourced are done in-house saving you time and money.

Our modern facility was designed specifically for functionality of our investment casting process and with in-house capabilities and expansion in mind.

Value Added Investment Casting Services

  • Product Design Assistance
  • Expert Engineers
  • SLA & LOM Rapid Prototype Casting Development
  • Pattern/Mold Making, (Tool Making)
  • Complete Production
  • Heat Treat to Specification
  • X-ray Examination
  • Florescent Penetrant Inspection
  • Chemical Testing
  • Physical Testing
  • Secondary Machining
  • Plating, Painting or Coating
  • Partial or Complete Assembly

“At AlCuMet, fluorescent penetration and x-ray processes, non-destructive quality control methods, analyze the integrity of investment castings by searching for invisible flaws on the surface and on the inside of the castings. Combined with the spectrometer, which analyzes the chemical consistency of castings, and quality control methods, industries requiring perfection get it. The benefits derived from this exhaustive quality control are what companies in the aerospace, optics, and defense industries need to cut costs and get the quality results necessary to prevent critical failures.”

– Russell Wilmarth, AlCuMet CEO